SWS Group delivers the Superior Workplace Services you need, when you need it.


We care that all our services are delivered by experienced, highly trained professionals, using cutting-edge technologies and first-rate materials and systems to ensure you get the best value and absolute satisfaction, every time.


In a world that is increasingly complex and fragmented, multi-service providers have a major role to play in delivering solutions that anticipate and solve customer needs, thereby fostering their professional success. We truly believe that the cornerstone to achieving this is being constantly attentive, dedicated and agile enough to take any necessary action.


At SWS Group, we’re dedicated to helping businesses across the Perth Metro Area stay clean, prepared and looking professional. Through our innovative solutions and routine service visits, we take care of the important tasks that help our customers keep their workplaces running smoothly — so they have more time to focus on their business.

Headquartered in Hamilton Hill, Fremantle, our company serves more than 100's of businesses in all types of industries. Our diverse customer base ranges from small manufacturing companies to mid-sized hotel chains to major corporations with thousands of employees, and we’re known for providing them with a seemingly endless array of products and services.

We also offer rental apparel & linen programs that include professional laundering, inspection and delivery -- along with stylish apparel purchase collections that combine custom designs with ready-to-wear styles. We replenish essential cleaning supplies and hand sanitizer, and stock restrooms with hygiene and paper products. We routinely deliver linen and uniform rental programs, floor mats, restroom supplies, hygiene services, managed first aid kits, commercial cleaning and pest control services.

And those are just a few ways we help our customers


Above all else, we know that how we run our business is the most important thing. And that starts with fostering a supportive and inclusive environment for our dedicated, passionate employee-partners. We never forget that the success of our company wouldn’t be possible without them.

We strive to live by a higher standard at SWS Group. We believe in collaboration and common respect for our people and the world around us. And while our company has grown significantly over the years, our core principles and values have remained the same.

Our ultimate competitive advantage — what makes us truly unique — has always been the SWS Group culture. It’s the cornerstone of our company, and it’s how we realise world-class employee-partner engagement, impressive retention rates and a widely respected management philosophy. Our culture is also what drives us to challenge ourselves to keep innovating and improving, so we can provide even more value for our customers.