We provide a complete range of specialist consumables, from toilet tissue to hand towel and other hygiene paper solutions

Surveys consistently show that customers are less likely to return to businesses that run out of paper tissues, towels or soap in their bathrooms. Cleanpro’s full service restroom paper product program maintains stock levels and manages your inventories so you don’t have to worry about running out or running to the store when you have more important things to do.

To fully complete our hygiene and/or cleaning services we can supply, deliver to and re-fill on your site paper products and consumables. If you wish Cleanpro’s qualified staff will monitor your product use and ensure that stock is always filled or you can order it when needed. Our service is developed to meet your needs.

Our extensive range of products includes economical toilet tissue, paper towels, facial tissues, bin liners, hand soaps and dispensers.

Flexible and comprehensive solutions


A premium quality range of washroom products professionally presented, soft to the touch yet strong enough for all applications. Sourced from sustainable raw material the Premium Blue range gives you superior quality products with excellent value for money.


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  • Toilet Tissue
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AUTOTOWEL DISPENSERTouch-free paper towel dispenser

The Autotowel Touch-Free Paper Towel Dispenser is a controlled paper towel system which reduces cost, waste and the risk of cross-contamination.

The Autotowel is one of the most efficient hand hygiene systems in the world. With adjustable dispenser settings, you can customise the system’s sheet length and mode of operation to meet the needs of your washroom environment. The high-capacity design reduces maintenance and allows exceptional control over service intervals.

The Autotowel also has a unique stub roll delivery feature which allows a continuous feed from the partially finished roll to the new roll, avoiding any wastage. The use of the stub roll feature can save up to 20% of paper waste.

The perfect partner to the Autotowel is the Wastecare Bin. The bin sits directly below the Autotowel and encourages users to ball used towels, saving space and reducing maintenance.

AUTOROLL PAPEROur Autoroll paper towel range is a hand-picked selection of paper grades designed to provide the correct paper towel solution in the required hand drying environment.

Drying your hands with a paper towel from an Autoroll Dispenser is widely regarded as the most hygienic and cost effective hand drying system. Not to mention, the environmental benefits of waste reduction through controlled dispensing. Ensure that your environment is safe with Autoroll paper towels, designed to work in our Autotowel dispenser.

Soft, absorbent, high capacity towel options provides a quick and pleasant hand drying experience. Autoroll paper is unscented and safe for use on sensitive skin and surfaces.

Paper towel range includes:

Autoroll 2 Ply: 50gsm, approx. 100m long, 6 rolls per case, 1500 hand dries

Auto cut reserve paper roll dispenser

Pod is the new generation mechanical auto cut paper dispenser that has one of the largest paper capacities on the market. Thanks to its patented reserve roll loading system, a new roll can be loaded before the previous one has been fully used, thus making sure no paper is wasted. This reserve feature can save up to 14% of paper consumption*.

This compact reserve paper hand towel dispenser that has been designed to accommodate different lengths, 1 and 2-ply paper. With its modern design, the Pod is an excellent choice for an efficient and stylish hand drying.

Multi-fold paper towel dispenser

Prima Ellipse is a single sheet paper towel dispenser for hand drying capable of dispensing a large variety of towel geometries.

Ideal for light to medium traffic environments, Prima Ellipse is reliable and durable, and features a unique paper towel tray designed to reduce consumable wastage.

The unit aids service thanks to a number of intelligent features, including a continual loading system to prevent paper shortage and a hinged cover for speed of service.


Sleek & Stylish

The Multi-fold folded towel dispenser is designed to hold 450 individual paper towels for longer periods between servicing.

Suitable for a variety of washrooms and other environments needing a simple towel dispensing solution, the Multi-fold cabinet keeps towels dry and clean so a hygienic towel is dispensed every time.

The high impact quality ABS construction is durable, and the easy to clean surfaces help maintain a professional and hygienic appearance.

The slim-line dispenser has a key lockable option or push-button for easy access and refill. The hinged cover assists with convenient and quick servicing, and a front-view window makes it easy to identify if consumables are running low.

Installation options include easy screw or adhesive tape mounting.

Reserve toilet roll dispenser

Maxima Ellipse is a reserve roll toilet roll dispenser ideal for high traffic environments. The unit accommodates any toilet roll. Maxima Ellipse incorporates intelligent features for service such as a special shield which automatically prevents access to the new roll until the original roll is finished. Thanks to this feature paper savings of up to 20% can be achieved.

Maxima Ellipse also includes features such as a practical inspection window to show when a refill is required and a removable braking system which aids consumable control and minimizes waste.


The Multi-roll toilet tissue dispenser is another quality addition to the range and a revolutionary unit in the hygiene industry. Innovative design creates space in the cubicle without skimping on toilet roll availability and it assists with reducing wasteful use of toilet tissue due to poor quality dispensing.

Traditionally, large toilet tissue dispensers in a cubicle are easy to damage and do not cut toilet tissue as effectively as they should. Our Multi-roll has a unique soft-edge cutting feature as well as vastly superior finishing.

The soft-edge cutting blades have antimicrobial agents added during manufacture which inhibits the growth of a broad spectrum of germs and reduces surface bacteria by up to 99.9%.



Many people spend more time in the office than at home, so it is vital to practice good hygiene in the workplace. You can help prevent your colleagues from being unwell.

Along with our aim to help Australians create a healthier, safer and greener workplace, SWS Group provide helpful resources for every workplace washroom.


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