A Clean Solution For A Dirty Job 

Cleantex’s Cotton Hand Dispenser is ideal for even the busiest washroom, it is a highly robust and reliable hand drying roller towel system.

Our dispensers provide hygiene, service and environmental benefits while delivering a ‘comfort like home’ hand drying experience for the end user.

The consumable used with our dispensers is a cotton towel, is a natural biodegradable product making this system a positive choice for the environment.

Our cloth towel dispensers provide a quick and economical method for people to dry their hands. The dispensers have separate chambers for the new and used portion of the towel, which ensures no contact and an unparalleled level of hygiene. During cleaning,


  • Absorbent, hygienic, fresh and soft
  • Easy to use cabinet system
  • Avoid overflowing bins and the inconvenience of empty dispensers
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Average of 200 uses per towel

Benefits of Cloth Towel Holders


Disposable paper towel dispensers and hand dryers aren’t the most efficient or effective choices to dry damp hands. Roll towel dispensers are the best choice in any restroom; here are the many benefits of cloth towel holders.

Tidier Washroom 

Single-sheet, disposable paper towels can quickly fill up the trash bins in your restrooms. Once the bins are full, patrons may continue to throw towels on top because they’re unsure what else to do. This can create a mess around the bin and on the floor. This isn’t just more of a hassle for your janitorial staff—it’s also unpleasant for employees and visitors. 

More Hygienic 

Electric hand dryers were designed to reduce paper towel use, but people often leave the restroom with their hands still damp. This moisture contains lingering bacteria. When you wipe your hands on a continuous cloth towel, you’re able to get your hands completely dry and bacteria-free. In addition, unlike with disposable towels, the germs are contained within the cabinet instead of in the trash cans or on the floor. 

Doesn’t Use Electricity 

Another downside to hand dryers is the electricity they use. Cloth towel holders are manually operated, so you don’t need to expend excess costs on energy bills.  

Improved User Experience 

Cloth roll towels are absorbent.  The fabric we sell is a blend of 70% cotton and 30% polyester, which makes the towels effective at drying hands quickly and completely.  

Better for the Environment 

Perhaps the biggest benefit of cloth towel holders is their positive impact on the environment. The more disposable towels the public uses, the more must be produced. This leads to more pollution from the factories that make them and a higher number of trees that must be sacrificed. 

Now that you know all the benefits of cloth towel holders, it’s easy to see the value they can add to your business. Let us know if you have any questions about our products, or shop now to get continuous roll towel cabinets for your hand-washing areas

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