Our commercial sanitizer dispensers utilise the very latest in touch and antibacterial surface protection to prevent the spread of germs.

Providing for people’s human needs is not only your duty of care, it shows a commitment to employees and visitors, reassuring them that they come first and are welcome at your premise. Ensuring your visitors have access to hygienic, well-maintained and easy-to-use facilities will keep your organisation healthy and happy.

We offer a range of sanitising options for hands, and workplace surfaces. Whist it is important to provide effective sanitising options for both hands and surfaces, it is also important to select the right product and dispensing option.

We have a range of automatic and manual surface and hand sanitising and surface sanitising dispensers, with various options of consumables.

Flexible and comprehensive solutions

Sleek and robust liquid sanitizer dispenser

The Savona Ellipse is a dependable hand sanitizer dispenser designed to fit seamlessly in any environment.  Its classic design complements various settings, while its robust build ensures long-lasting performance.  This dispenser prioritizes both ease of use and hygiene, making it a great choice for any location.

Automatic (no-touch) Hand Sanitizer dispenser.

The Savona Ellipse Auto lineup prioritizes hygiene in hand washing. Utilizing infrared sensors for touchless operation and a quick-dispense system, it offers a convenient and sanitary experience. This automatic dispenser caters to various needs with options for both foam and liquid soap,

Automatic touch-free dispensingAutomatic touch-free dispensing is the most hygienic method of dispensing soap or sanitiser.

The MVP range of reliable automatic dispensers and cartridges have been developed to combine the best features of effective commercial soap and sanitiser dispensing. Each cartridge is fully recyclable and comes with a brand new pump, ensuring consistent product delivery and lower maintenance requirements. The closed cartridge system also eliminates contamination.

Manual Dispensers Available

Soap and Sanitiser options include: Luxury Foam, Antibacterial Foam, Antibacterial Hand Gel & Surface Sanitiser.

For automatic dispensers.

Cleanpro's stand is designed for use with the no-touch hand sanitizing dispenser Savona Ellipse Auto.

This practical stand for automatic hand sanitizer is suitable for reception areas and other high traffic environments including hospitals and supermarkets.

Auto Sanitiser Spray StationThe Auto sanitiser Spray Station is the easy way to minimise cross-infection in any area without the use of soap or water.

Washing your hands with soap and drying your hands with a paper towel still produces the most hygienic results, however, soap and paper cannot be installed everywhere. The Auto sanitiser is available either as a wall mounted or free standing unit.

The Auto sanitiser is ideal for entry and exit points in Medical Centres, Food Production Sites, Food Service Areas, Schools, Aged Care Facilities, Childcare Centres, Offices, Sport & Recreation Facilities, Clinics, Reception Areas and other high traffic locations where there is a high risk of cross contamination.

The touch-free sensor provides each user with either one, two or three doses of antibacterial spray that kills 99.9% of common germs. 

Refills are available in alcohol or alcohol free options.

INSTANT HAND SANITISER Sanitex® MVP Instant Hand Gel with anti-bacterial action is an instantly refreshing and caring alcohol-based formula. This product is designed specifically to reduce the growth of micro-organisms on hands in areas where water is not available or required.Sanitex® MVP Instant Hand Gel comes in a durable, sealed cartridge which ensures optimum hygiene at all times. Each cartridge comes with a new pump guaranteeing optimum performance and the packaging allows for no spills and is also fully recyclable.Dispensed in either the automatic or manual MVP soap dispenser. Fixed 0.5ml shot size, providing approximately 2000 shots per refill. Only one dose is required per hand wash.

SURFACE CLEANERSanitex® MVP Surface Cleaner Refills are designed for a targeted approach to surface care. Combining a next generation dispenser design with an effective surface cleaner, Sanitex® MVP promotes maximum hygiene and leaves surfaces clean and hygienic.

This Surface Cleaner is designed to reduce the growth of micro-organisms on hard surfaces. It can be sprayed on either a cloth or paper towels and is ideal to partner with the multi-roll to put in bathroom cubicles.

The Sanitex® MVP Surface Cleaner comes in a durable, sealed cartridge which ensures optimum hygiene at all times. Each cartridge comes with a new pump guaranteeing optimum performance and the packaging allows for no spills.

The Sanitex® MVP Surface Cleaner Refill can be dispensed in either the automatic or manual MVP soap dispenser. Fixed 0.5ml shot size, providing approximately 2000 shots per refill.

SPRAY AND WIPE STATIONSSanitising your hands after each use greatly reduces the chances of passing on bugs. We have created a no touch sanitising station that is a very cost effective and functional way of achieving this.

You simply tear off a paper towel, place it under the automatic sanitiser dispenser then wipe down your equipment. We even provide an integrated waste bin for used paper towels.

Fixed sanitiser vs mobile sanitiser:

With a mobile sanitising option, like spray bottles, other gym users can be sprayed unintentionally and equipment can be saturated with liquid. The sanitiser station stops any unwanted atomised sanitiser spraying other gym users and reduces the amount of chemical the metal and plastic components of equipment are exposed to.

It is also much more cost effective and controllable than a wet wipe option. Users are more inclined to pull out multiple wipes and wipes tend to leave equipment wet for the next user.

All equipment is supplied and serviced free on loan. Backing boards can be customised with your logo and corporate branding.

Wall Mounted Wet Wipe DispenserGYM-Wipe-Wall-Dispenser & Antibacterial Wipes, Sanitising and Disinfecting Alcohol-Free, 900s

Use for tough cleaning, disinfecting and daily touch-ups of Door-knobs & Handles · Hand Rails · Reception Desks · POS Terminals · ATM & Payment Machines · Phones · Touch Displays · Keyboards · Printers · Scanners



Many people spend more time in the office than at home, so it is vital to practice good hygiene in the workplace. You can help prevent your colleagues from being unwell.

Along with our aim to help Australians create a healthier, safer and greener workplace, SWS Group provide helpful resources for every workplace washroom.


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