Locker service guarantees that each worker has clean garments for his own size and for his duties in his own locker.

With our 1, 6 or 9 compartment locker and personal keys users have easy access for their individual garments without confusion and garment losses. After changing clean garments users put garments for washing into the collector locker, from where our service representative collects them for maintenance. Locker service is an easy way to keep premises neat and clean.

Locker size:

  •  Height 186 cm
  •  Width 38 cm
  •  Depth 46 cm

Choice of 1,6 and 9 user lockers and also a locker for used workwear. Individual compartments are lockable. Clean workwear are delivered to individual compartments.

Collection and delivery lockers can help to reduce casual theft and the need for staffed cloakrooms and stores on site by providing each employee with a personal, key accessed, secure space in which to store their workwear. Bulk collectors provide tidy and secure units for garments awaiting laundry collection, whilst delivery lockers ensure that clean garments are available for collection by employees anytime of the day or night.

Our Cleantex locker range is available to purchase outright or can be supplied for use as part of the Managed Locker Service in conjunction with the Full Service Rental or Clean and Maintain services, whereby laundered garments are delivered back directly to employees lockers.


Based on the number of weekly changes and work tasks, we allocate for your company’s staff a sufficient number of individually marked clothing.


Our process


Client Audit

It's flexible. There's no up-front investment from you. And it's hassle-free for both you and your employees. Experience a smooth, seamless, and stress-free experience.



Cleantex will fund the program setup, so you don't have to. That means Cleantex can have a positive impact on your profitability from Day one!


Scheduled Servicing

On a weekly basis, we will pick up soiled laundry and to drop off clean for the coming week. Offering Free replacements, and emergency, on-demand servicing.