Focus on what you do best. We’ll focus on everything else.

While you’re doing what you’re passionate about, SWS Group is there doing the rest. SWS Group helps many Perth based Day Spa’s or Pilates studios with everything from hygiene servicesmanaged first aid kits to laundry services such as linen rental,  pest control and even commercial cleaning. So, you can do what you do best and open your doors with confidence every day.

At SWS Group, service excellence goes beyond great customer service. Here, we balance innovative solutions and time-tested approaches to always achieve the absolute best outcome for our Day Spa customers and clients, every day.

If you run a day spa, ensuring that you provide welcoming, clean and compliant facilities won’t just keep the health and safety inspectors happy – it will also make the right impression on your visitors and help to maintain member loyalty.

We appreciate that customer service and retention are your main priorities, but site maintenance and safety will contribute to the continued success of your organisation.