The biggest threat to your home or business isn’t fire, or flood. Its termites! Also called white ants, termites cause more damage to Perth and Australian homes each year than fire and flood combined. Termites can cause extensive damage to the structure of a building and go for years undetected without a monitoring and inspection regime. Over 100,000 homes suffer from termite attack each year in Australia. They can significantly devalue your home or property and cause large costs in repairs to any building containing timber

Termite control solutions

Professional solutions are the most effective way to detect, monitor and treat termites. Our termite protection systems conform to Australian standards AS3660.2-2017, for protection of existing buildings respectively.

Our effective pest control services for your home or business include:

Timber Pest Inspections

  • Termite Barriers
  • Exterra Termite Baiting

Termite inspections

To protect your home or business Pestpro’s pest control services provide the highest levels of risk management, reassurance and responsiveness.

Our Process

TermitesHow to identify termites

Termites are very small and similar in size to ants, which often leads to confusion. Owing to their secretive nature, termites can be hard to detect, especially with an untrained eye. You are actually far more likely to spot the signs of termite damage before you spot termites themselves.

Termite species vary in habits, preferred food, size, body characteristics, colour and even parts of their lifecycle. There are some general characteristics, however, that are similar and can be used to identify termites and tell them from ants or other insects.

What do termites look like?

As with any other pest, correct identification ensures the use of the most effective control methods and allows you to choose the most appropriate prevention steps to try and avoid problems in the future.

Termites have several stages in their life cycle from egg to adult and they also have different types, called castes, which have different roles in the nest and look different. Therefore it is important to recognise the different types of termite that are present in one colony.

Termite life cycle

Termites have three main developmental stages, unlike ants which have four. They undergo what is termed incomplete metamorphosis, which has no pupal stage:

  • Egg
  • Nymph/ larva: these resemble small adults on hatching
  • Adult: queen, king, reproductives, workers, soldiers

Development is controlled by pheromones produced by the queen and one caste can develop into another caste, depending on the termite species and the requirements of the colony.

Treatments vary, so we will explain the differences and limitations of each treatment. When you have termite management services carried out there are two main termite management strategies; either you are trying to create a barrier between the termites and the building to be protected (chemical treatment Zones) or you are trying to eradicate the termite colony (baiting).

When it comes to termite treatment in Perth home or business, a chemical treatment is the more traditional termite management strategy for termite treatment, however colony eradication via interception and baiting has some distinct benefits that are hard to ignore.

Chemical treatments stop termites entering the building, so you can either have a localised treatment or a full perimeter treatment.

A full perimeter treatment is designed to protect the whole building .It is for this reason that Pestpro do not generally recommend a localised treatment.

The popular non-repellent chemical is Termidor (Up to eight years residual life). Pestpro’s recommended choice in repellent chemical is Biflex Aquamax (up to 10 years residual life).

Baiting a termite colony is a process that takes approximately three months. Essentially the baiting procedure involves carrying out a full termite inspection of the building(s), placement of a tamper resistant bait box on current termite activity. Every four to six weeks, we need to inspect the bait box to establish the colony status and replenish the bait. Once the colony begins feeding on the bait they will no longer continue to damage other available timbers. After approximately three months the colony is either eradicated or well on its way out.

The bait used for termites is completely non-toxic to humans, pets, and other insects in the garden. Unfortunately this provides no on-going protection for the building against future termite colonies. This is where the interception system comes into play. The interception side of the system consists of underground termite monitoring stations (loaded with termite favoured timbers and a termite attractant) every three metres around the external perimeter of the building. These stations are monitored by Pestpro on a quarterly basis. Should a termite monitoring station become active with termites, the station is baited and the colony eradication process begins.

Some clear benefits of Termite baiting and Interception system is that there are no chemicals used in the baiting process, and the colony is not left underground seeking other routes into the building. Ask about a Termite Baiting Interception System today.

The choice between baiting and interception or chemical treatment can be difficult. In buildings with many expansion joins in a concrete floor, floors with split levels and other more intricate construction methods baiting quickly becomes the most logical choice. For buildings with a simple construction method it will generally be more cost effective to carry out a chemical treatment however a baiting and interception system is still considered as better long term protection.

If you have encountered a pest control problem in your home or business, something needs to be done about it. The longer it is left, the more extreme is becomes and the greater the task of removing it.

We have years of experience in helping rid home or businesses of termites, rodents, insects, wasps and any other form of pests and do so quickly and efficiently. We’ll do whatever it takes to solve your pest problem. Including coming back at no costs, until pests are gone.

Got pests to get rid of, we can help.  Our one-off treatments can exterminate any resident pests you currently have with guaranteed 110% satisfaction. We specialise in providing different types of  treatments as well  termite protection services to keep your home or residential properties pest-free.

If you want to keep the pests away all year round our custom treatments adapt with the seasons to address seasonal pest activity in your area, giving you protection all year long.

We’ll come back to re-treat outside your home or business every season for a total of four treatments, including the initial service to ensure your house remains pest-free.

We offer powerful, proven commercial pest control services backed by our guarantee.

Buying a house? Don’t buy termites! Did you know that most building inspections don’t cover timber pests? For that, you need a Pre-Purchase Timber Pest Inspection (PPI) to report on termite and borer activity, fungal decay and issues like ventilation and damp likely to cause future termite problems. It makes sense to be certain about such a major investment.

Pestpro PPI service offers quick turnaround and an emailed report to meet your cooling off period. Better to be safe than sorry with termite control! You Buying a House or Building?  Don’t Buy Termites. CALL NOW!

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