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Pestpro have provides Perth and all its surrounding suburbs with weed control solutions for  commercial sites. Hobby farms & rural properties. Bushland & natural areas. Sports ovals, schools, parks and government reserves. 


The War. Weed Contractors & The Line in The Sand.

Pestpro specialise in a lot of different areas of weed control. Put simply, we have to. There’s thousands of different weed species attacking us from the ground up every day. Some are native species and garden escapees that have gone rouge.  Most have hitched a ride from international lands abroad and pitched their tents without permission. The impact weeds have on our agricultural industries alone annually – from control costs to production loss, is measured in billions – not millions. 

What We Can Do For You.

Lawns – Paddock Pasture & Turf Weeds

We safely treat weeds in all types of pastures grasses and turf, including buffalo lawns. The Pestpro team can eradicate all flat and broadleaf weeds. This includes Bindii, Dandelion, Oxalis, Cape Weed, Cape Tulip, Paterson’s Curse & Clover to name a just a few. We also have very specialised treatments for Onion Weed, Guildford Grass-Onion Grass, Nut Grass, Crab Grass & Winter Grass.

Garden Beds – Commercial Sites

We offer weed control packages to maintain all your commercial sites garden beds, paved areas, fence lines, driveways and storage areas. We can even selectively treat couch grass growing throughout your garden plants. Our amazing product can treat it without damaging them in the slightest. 

Hobby Farms & Semi Rural

We can implement a weed management plan. These plans can suit any budget and get your castle back on track. We’ve got the gear to back us up to – large booms for large areas, ATVs set up for the rough stuff & retractable remote-controlled hose reels to get over the terrain fast, real fast. We spray the Paddocks, Firebreaks, Arenas, Round Yards, Fence Lines, Lay Down Areas – The lot. Touch base for a free walk over and weed assessment and let’s get a plan.

Environmental & Natural Areas

Not everyone gets to see the beautiful sites we work on but that’s because our bush land, coast land & wet land experience & reputation for quality and care has been earned. We are often called in for specialised weed management on conservation sites of national & state significance. WA is well known worldwide for its spectacular wildflowers, but sometimes a lot of weed control work goes on behind the scenes to keep us up top. Pestpro are always happy to provide references to any organisation, friends groups or government body who may require our specialised expertise with an upcoming venture or re-vegetation project.


Our Process

Make Your Business Look Sharp.


Commercial Weed Control – Maybe you have a15120-architecture-blue-building-269077 business or manage a strata, either way you want the place looking great right? Of course you do. Do you cringe every time you drive into the staff car park and all you see is weeds messing up the place? You don’t have to anymore. Pestpro offer weed control services for all types of commercial buildings and their surrounds. We work with various commercial businesses spraying weeds in their commercial yards, gardens and lawns to help keep their site looking well presented.

Don’t Pay a Gardener to Pull Weeds. Keep your Cash. We are Cheaper.

Our treatments can keep your workplace weed free all year round. No job is too big or too small! We offer free, no-obligation quotes and can tailor an individual package to suit your budget & weed needs. 

Pestpro cover all aspects of commercial weed control over a variety of different sites.

For Many a Weekend Garden Warrior – The Lawn is King.


Some spend hours staring at it, mowing it, 


fertilising it, spraying it, watering it, and I’m positive some people even cuddle it. I’ve met them, trust me – lawn love is a real thing. Which ever end of the love spectrum you are on with your lawn – sometimes you need help from a professional. 

Most of the time Pestpro are called after all hope is lost… Generally the call comes in 3 or 4 Bunnings trips later, or many endless hours on google with limited results. So don’t waste your time. 

All Lawns – All Weeds…

We safely treat weeds in all types of turfs and commercial lawns throughout Perth including buffalo lawns  without any damage to the turf. The Pestpro team can eradicate all broadleaf weeds including: Bindii (onehungabindi eye), Oxalis (Soursob – Sour Grass) , Cape Weed, Dandelions, Flat Weed and all types of Clover to name a just a few. We also have very specialised treatments for Onion Weed, Onion Grass-Guildford Grass, Nut Grass, Crab Grass & Winter Grass.

Perth weed control experts – Pestpro, have the knowledge and experience to give you the lush, prickle free lawn that you have been dreaming of – all year round.

Lawn Treatment Calendar (Season Variations May Apply)
  • General Turf Weeds –  (June – October)
  • Winter Grass Treatments (Feb/March & September)
  • Crab Grass treatment (November – January)
  • Guildford Grass treatments (July – October)

For more information about the weed control services Pestpro has to offer – click here.




This weed is a small winter growing annual that first pops its head up when Perth see’s the first autumn rains. The flowers start to appear in spring and continue right up until December. Now – the reason we hate this weed so deeply is because of the seed capsule. This tiny seed capsule is protected by spines. The spines are extremely prickly, extremely sharp and make grown men cry when they walk over a bindii covered lawn in bare feet.

Leave It To Us. We Got This.

We safely treat weeds in all types of turfs and domestic lawns throughout Perth including buffalo lawns (Yes we said buffalo) without any damage to the turf. The Pestpro team can eradicate all broadleaf weeds including: Bindii (onehunga – bindi eye), Oxalis (Soursob – Sour Grass) , Cape Weed, Dandelions, Flat Weed and all types of Clover to name a just a few. We also have very specialised treatments for Onion Weed, Onion Grass-Guildford Grass, Nut Grass, Crab Grass & Winter Grass.

Pestpro have you covered for all your weed control needs. 

How To Get Rid Of Couch Grass? 



Let me guess. You have tried everything – Digging it? Pulling it? You’ve even grabbed the old Round Up off the shelf and gave it a little squirt? But still – you lost. Its tough stuff isn’t it? Well, there’s some good news.

Pestpro  have learnt a thing or two  when it comes to killing couch grass in garden beds. Truth be told, couch grass and “running grasses “are more of an agricultural problem world wide than a domestic one. Grasses often have to be selectively removed from cropping vegetables & orchards to produce more yield. This is where & why the need for a selective grass killing herbicide was born. Domestically we now take full advantage of this herbicide technology and can safely treat all your home garden beds.

We Turn Couch Grass to Dust.

Invasive couch grass can become a major issue throughout garden beds, it can lead to mild insanity and in rare cases – early graves. Without herbicide intervention, hand weeding can seem impossible.

We have a particular product, specifically for the treatment of couch and running grasses that can eliminate it from your garden beds without harm to your ornamental plants. 

Pestpro can help you with a whole range of weed controls services – including lawn treatments, Commercial & garden weed maintenance and bindii treatments – just to name a few. 

Specialised Weed Control. Where Only The Best Apply.


Bushland & Natural Areas. Pestpro leads the way in providing specialist environmental weed management. We offer services for all of Perth’s and it’s surrounds. We work in all areas of sensitive bush land, coast land and natural area reserves. Perth’s national parks and reserves are always under attack from different weed species.  These attacks come at different times of the year and it pays to be prepared.

Total weed eradication can be difficult to achieve. Having an ongoing management program in place provides the best outcomes for both the natural environment and native species. Providing individually tailored programs for all of our clients and with each project we are involved with is just part of the services we offer. Our vast knowledge and industry experience always helps us develop tailored weed management programs for every project we undertake.

The Lawn Mowers Enemy.Guildford Grass – Onion Grass. 



Locally here in Perth, us sand gropers call Onion Grass – Guildford Grass. We like it that way & we are keeping it that way. Guildford Grass is a common weed in many states of this great southern land including – ACT, NSW, SA, TAS, VIC and of course the finest state – WA.  Guildford/Onion Grass is certainly not known to everyone. This little “grass” is in actual fact not a grass at all – but a a corm/bulb. It pops its head up in Autumn and Winter here in Perth and sends out a pink or purple flower in August to November.

So What’s The Big Deal?

Said everyone who hasn’t got it in their lawn. These slender little green stems poke their heads up through lawn and are almost impossible to mow off. That is unless your lawn mower blades are engineered from the finest samurai sword like metal fresh of a shelf in Japan. This weed can make a great lawn or verge look like rubbish and is impossible to pull out. Lucky for you –  We have the skills. Herbicide technology has come a long way and expert application methods are our speciality.

Why Pay Pestpro.

Because we can get our hands on the product you need. Its a highly licensed product and can not be purchased by the public for good reason. You need to know how to apply it, have the equipment to apply it, know when to apply it and what to mix with it. Its not just a slap in the tank type of procedure and the product itself is one of the most expensive we use. If you are serious about ridding you lawn of this tricky little weed, feel free to contact us. We will happily come out for a free visit, help work to your budget, and put your nasty Guildford/Onion Grass in the rear view mirror for good!

Pestpro can help you with all your lawn and general weed control needs. 




During the winter months cooler weather winter grass takes advantage of your lawn and moves into those susceptible areas. As it looks similar to lawn sometimes it can be undetected until summer, when it dies back in the hot weather leaving large brown spots all through your lawn.

Poa Annua is a small, soft tufted annual grass which flowers from August through to October in Western Australia’s climate. It’s seeds can lay dormant in the soil for several years at a time. It is a very hardy plant. Even cutting short the seed stalk won’t help as this plant still has the ability to seed!

Late March through May is the perfect time to treat for winter grass. Pestpro can treat your lawns for poa annua with a specialised herbicide specifically for this plant. The herbicide we use is a selective pre-emergent herbicide, meaning not only does it kill winter grass but it even prevents the plant from being able to sprout.

Winter Grass Treatments
Lawn Care

Starting from

$275 inc. gst

The product is safe to be sprayed over your lawn without damaging couch, kikuyu or buffalo lawns. It only targets winter grass.

Acting now will prevent hours of back-breaking hand weeding later in the year as well as preventing the spread of unwanted seed.

Cost for your winter grass treatment is $1.50 per square metres with a minimum charge of $275 – maximum charge of $330 (all prices include GST). Included with our winter grass treatment we will also spray all your garden beds, paving and driveways for general weeds, free of charge.

Our process



You'll get the answers you want about pests in your home or business as we provide a thorough inspection and identify problem areas.



One of our friendly Pestpro technicians will treat your home or business to eradicate unwanted Pests.


Full-Service Plan

If required, we can discuss and implement a full-service plan ensuring the pests do not return.