Our Area Managers work closely with our staff to ensure they are fully aware of the areas that they are responsible for, are using the correct cleaning techniques, and are aware of any Health and Safety considerations relevant to the particular site. The securing of the premises is also explained, as is what to do in case of an emergency.

All sites are provided with an Operations Manual, which contains a schedule of duties, material safety data sheets and other relevant information.

At the beginning of their employment all of our staff are assessed against our matrix and areas requiring additional training are identified. This training is provided throughout their employment.

Training to deliver the highest standards

We work to provide the highest possible standard of cleaning through the implementation of the following training policies.

Induction training

We begin with thorough induction training on the new recruit’s first day. This includes vital knowledge such as the work environment, health and safety procedures and the safe use of cleaning products.

Regular training

We will provide regular training on cleaning techniques and standards for all the cleaners working on your site. We train both in groups and one to one.

Further training

We have a full training programme that gives the cleaner all the cleaning skills and knowledge they need to perform their tasks. Each cleaning task is specified in a method statement, detailing exactly what equipment is needed, how the task is to be performed, what safety precautions are necessary and how equipment should be stored.