Six Advantages of Renting Linen for Businesses in The Hospitality Industry

The moment a person decides to book a stay at a hotel or guesthouse, they expect to
experience a certain level of refinement and customer service. In today’s world of real-time
reviews and online marketing, lousy customer experiences can have a severe impact on future
business. It’s important to provide guests with a good nights sleep, but first, you need to find the
perfect linen. Not only does it reflect positively on your business image – but it’s also the right
thing to do. We chat about the benefits of linen rental for your hospitality business.

1. Clean, Crisp & Comfortable for Each Guest That Books A Stay with You

You want your guests to get a sense of luxury the moment they walk into one of your rooms.
With a linen rental company on your side, the bedding will be adequately washed and pressed,
creating the desired look and feel.

2. No Need to Spend Time Preparing Linen Before Making Beds
Because of the laundry and pressing services, rented linen is ready-to-use. This saves your
housekeeping staff time when they make all the beds and saves you the money that would
come with employing people to prepare the linen.

3. Quick Easy Replacement as The Need Arises

Humans are prone to making mistakes, such as spilling drinks onto linen or tearing it. For hotel
owners who buy linen, the costs of replacing irreparable or soiled linen can pile up. However,
renting allows you to replace without absurd extra charges.

4. An Opportunity to Run an Environmentally Friendly Operation

Rental companies use sustainable methods to clean, reuse, and restore linen so that you don’t
have to throw it out. Buying can result in always having to purchase more, which has a negative
impact on the environment. Renting is a responsible choice.

5. A Lasting Good Impression, Which Can Prompt Guests to Return

Want to ensure that your customers become loyal? Always put your best foot forward, from
service to the quality of the sheets in your rooms. You want your hotel to become associated
with a great experience and all the trimmings.

6. Attention to Finer The Details

It’s easy to miss a stain or hole if you’re doing everything yourself. Having a dedicated linen
rental company taking care of the sheets for your hotel makes sure that the job is done to a T.
With the right linen rental company in your corner, you’ll have happy guests, which translate to
happy pockets. Call Cleantex today.

How Can Your Company Benefit from Industrial Cleaning? We’ve Got 5 Key Ideas

As a business owner or manager in an industrial facility, cleanliness and safety are paramount. Letting dust and grime collect on machines that produce commercial goods every day is a bad idea. There are many risks, such as malfunctioning and contamination. While you could ask your staff to keep the space clean, this may draw away from their capacity to do their jobs effectively. Professional industrial cleaning services may be what you need to avoid this kind of disruption. Here are some of the benefits that come with calling in a team of pros:

1. High Levels of Productivity from The Staff That Works in The Facility

If your staff can focus solely on what you’ve hired them to do, they’ll be able to function optimally. An industrial cleaning team reduces the cleaning and preparation time for your personnel, which makes them productive in their respective roles.

2. A Team of Professionals in Charge of Maintaining A Clean &; Safe Workspace

Its one thing to clean a space clean like any ordinary person would, but it’s a whole other ball game to have experienced individuals with special equipment do it for you. The results are worlds better, and they get it right every single time.

3. Fewer Safety & Health Hazards In & Around the Facility

A spill that goes unnoticed could easily cause an accident that brings the whole operation to its knees. Something as simple as clearing up a mess as it happens can prevent this. On top of that, the build-up of materials and dirt may contaminate the products that your facility makes. Rather than deal with an outbreak of illness in customers, you can make sure one doesn’t happen by keeping the environment super clean.

4. An Efficient, Streamlined Work Environment with No Unnecessary Obstructions

Getting messes out of the way frees up workspace for employees to use efficiently. The equipment also operates the way it’s supposed to, creating an uninterrupted workflow.

5. Fewer Sickness Outbreaks

Remember that your employees are only human. Leaving them exposed to filth or germs weakens your workforce. Don’t let your facilities turn into a hotbed of sickness. Find a cleaning company that can keep them healthy for the people who use them and the products that come out of them.

At the end of the day, hiring an industrial cleaning company can save you time, money and effort that you can use elsewhere in the business. Give us a call to learn how.

5 Ways That Restaurant Owners Can Benefit From Uniform Rentals

As a restaurant owner, there are many things you can do to make your business stand
out from the competition. The truth is that people will always need to eat and, with the world
getting busier every day, eating out is a popular activity. However, where people choose to eat
depends on which food outlet catches and keeps their attention. What can you do to attract
customers to your establishment?

From crafting a compelling menu to renting sophisticated uniforms, there are many options at
your disposal. In this blog, we look into how your business can benefit from uniform rentals.

#1: All Staff Members Will Look Fresh & Polished At All Times

First impressions last. Always keep this in mind when choosing how to approach uniforms in
your restaurant. Going with a rental company means that your staff will be dressed in their
Sunday (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday) best all day, every

#2: Save Money From The Beginning

The upfront costs associated with renting uniforms are significantly lower than the price of
buying. A uniform purchase means a substantial down payment, followed by the final purchase,
as well as maintenance and replacement costs. When renting, you’ll never have to worry about
having enough garments, in a broad enough range of sizes.

#3: You Don’t Need To Worry About Massive Amounts Of Laundry

Uniform rental companies have the necessary facilities for keeping uniforms clean. This is
another cost saver because you don’t have to buy laundry washing equipment or pay someone
directly to do it every time.

#4: Employees Coming & Going Don’t Leave You With A Uniform Crisis

It’s part of the nature of restaurants to have short to medium-term employees. Staff turnover
results in new people, of different shapes and sizes, coming in to replace previous employees.
Renting uniforms allows you to trade in garments so that you have the right dimensions for the
team in your employ at any given time.

#5: Comply with Health & Safety Requirements

Hygiene is imperative to running a successful food business. Uniform rentals enable you to
furnish your staff with clothes that meet the requirements set by the relevant authorities. Also,
the risk of customers and staff getting sick from coming into contact with dirty clothes is

Uniform rental allows you to dedicate your time and efforts where they are needed most. Want
to learn more about how it works? Contact Cleantex today.

5 Reasons Why Commercial Cleaning May Be the Ideal Solution for You

Every workplace environment needs a thorough clean every now and then. Whether it’s
a factory or corporate office space, it only makes sense to keep the environment in tip-top
shape to make it conducive for getting work done. The question is: do you hire a commercial
cleaning company or trust your employees to clean up after themselves. While common
decency will probably make your employees keep their immediate surroundings neat, there’s
only so much that they can do without eating into valuable work time. Here are some of the top
benefits that businesses can enjoy from hiring commercial cleaning services.

#1: Create Maintain a Visually Pleasing Space for People Looking from The Outside In

As the saying goes, “the eyes are the windows to the soul”. When it comes to business
property, the state of the windows gives potential and existing customers a peek into what they
can expect. The cleaner the windows, the more likely it is that you’ll leave a positive impression.

#2: Lasting, Consistent & High-Quality Results with Things Like Carpet Cleaning

Office carpets hold onto a lot of dirt particles, which you can only get rid of with continuous deep
cleaning. Commercial cleaning companies have all the skills and tools to get it done the right

#3: Stay on the Right Side of Regulations Relating to Health & Safety

Clean workspaces are also more hygienic. This means that any illness-causing particles are
swept and wiped away before they turn into a crisis. Healthier work environments mean that you
comply with the relevant requirement. There’ll also be fewer instances of employees getting
booked off sick, which is positive for the organisation as a whole.

#4: Access to the Best Cleaning Equipment & Materials Available

Unless you’re a cleaning expert, you’ll probably shop for generic cleaning supplies. Commercial
cleaning services come with top tier supplies, so you can rest assured that they will protect your
walls, windows and floors from damage or decay in the future.

#5: Decluttering, Which Opens Up Storage Space Where It’s Needed

There’s nothing more frustrating than a cluttered workspace. Regular cleaning clears up space
so that you can use it optimally. It also allows for free movement, which makes the space more
pleasant to be in overall.
Trying to do it yourself may be tempting, but it just doesn’t measure up to the standards of an
excellent commercial cleaning service. Book a session with a clean pro to witness the

5 Essential Advantages That Your Business Can Enjoy From Professional Pest Control


What’s the worst things that could physically happen to your home or commercial
property? Well, except for a spontaneous collapse or an alien invasion, one of the biggest
challenges that property owners could face is a pest infestation. Beyond being annoying, little
critters can be hazardous to the health and safety of people in your building.

Hiring a pest control expert to get rid of cockroaches, termites, or rats may be your best option.
You could buy shelf products at the store, but it’s just not the same. If you’re wondering about
the benefits of professional pest control, this blog is for you.

Pest Control Perk #1: Spend Less Money On Repair Where Pests Cause Damage

Different pests cause different types of damage. Rats and termites chew through certain
building materials and furniture, which can cause damage that can’t be reversed. Calling in a
pest control service can save you on such costs before they spiral out of control.

Pest Control Perk #2: Keep Your Business Reputation Intact

Nobody wants to visit a home or buy from a business that’s known to have creepy crawlies
everywhere. It’s both unsightly and unhealthy. To avoid being the talk of the town for all the
wrong reasons, we recommend regular pest control treatments.

Pest Control Perk #3: Long-Term Solutions For Protecting Your Property

Pest control doesn’t only deal with the current problem – it also provides lasting protection for
the future. The only thing you need to do is to schedule regular treatments to keep it up.

Pest Control Perk #4: Reduce Respiratory Issues  & Allergic Reactions

The air in your commercial and industrial building may also contain particles that cause
breathing issues and allergies. A pest control treatment can solve this, more so when
accompanied by a good, thorough clean from time to time.

Pest Control Perk #5: Nip The Spread Of Transferrable Illness In Commercial Or Industrial
Facilities In The Bud

Food processing facilities and other industrial environments are prone to spreading germs and
disease when not maintained appropriately. One of the ways to minimise illness is pest control
because it erases unwelcome guests from the equation.

You shouldn’t be spending your time concerned with things that go “bump” when you can get rid
of them. Team up with a well-equipped pest control team like PestPro to get it done efficiently.

Desk Hygiene – The Facts

With the help of an infographic, here are some quite surprising stats on desk hygiene. Here is a small summary of the points covered…

  • Unhygienic working conditions are a ‘key contributor’ to millions of working days lost to sickness each year
  • More than 10 million bacteria lurk on the average office desk with 7,500 organisms hidden in your keyboard
  • 2/3 office workers work at their desk
  • 1/5 office workers don’t clean their desk before eating

We’ve all been guilty of grabbing some lunch at our desk, but not many of us are aware of the bacteria we are harbouring by doing so.


10 creepy cockroach facts you wish you didn’t know


  1. A cockroach can live for a week without its head. Due to their open circulatory system, and the fact that they breathe through little holes in each of their body segments. It only dies because it can’t drink water and dies of thirst.
  2. A cockroach can hold its breath for 40 minutes, and can even survive being submerged underwater for half an hour. 
  3. Cockroaches can run up to 5kmph.
  4. Newborn German cockroaches become adults in as little as 36 days. 
  5. A one-day-old baby cockroach, which is about the size of a speck of dust, can run almost as fast as its parents.
  6. Some cockroaches have shown an attraction to alcoholic beverages, especially beer.
  7. The world’s largest roach (which lives in South America) is six inches long with a one-foot wingspan. 
  8. Cockroaches are believed to have originated more than 280 million years ago, in the Carboniferous era.
  9. There are more than 4,000 species of cockroaches worldwide.

Because they are cold-blooded insects, cockroaches can live without food for one month, but will only survive one week without water.

5 Benefits of Floor Mats

From optimising workforce productivity to enhancing workplace safety, industrial floor mats add invaluable functional values to workplaces. 

Although there are many different types of industrial mats, almost all of them offer the same benefits. These include:

1. Anti-Fatigue Comfort

Anti-fatigue mats for wet & dry areas are usually designed as meshes without any backing to allow moisture drainage or seepage. Many anti-fatigue mats are also slip-resistant to avoid accidental falls and they feature rough anti-slip grit surfaces for traction. Although many anti-fatigue mats share similar properties, there are special models that are optimized for functional performance in specific industries.

2. Safety Messages

There are special types of industrial mats that feature graphical safety messages on their surfaces. Often marketed as logo mats, these mats provide the desired aesthetic effect but can also have various safety messages as well as re-enforce a brand logo or brand messaging.

3. Floor Protection

Some industrial mats are designed to keep the floors in production environments and other industrial sites from getting damaged through chipping, staining or scratching in high traffic areas. They have special design features like traction treads and antimicrobial treatment. 

4. Industry-Specific Protection

Designed to provide safety and protection in risk-prone production environments, industry-specific protection mats are considered among the most functional industrial mats. These mats offer protection against special workplace hazards and risks. One type of industry-specific protection mats is the welding safe mat. These mats are specially designed to ensure that welders are safe from electrical shocks and electrostatic discharge (ESD). 

5. Grease, Oil & Chemical-Resistance

Like all the other aforementioned functional properties, grease, oil and chemical resistance is a shared quality in almost all industrial mats. These mats have features such as cell-blended top cushions, a vinyl backing and drain-through holes are integral in attaining this resistance.