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Checklist of Essential Washroom Appliances for Your Business

Checklist of Essential Washroom Appliances for Your Business

Nowadays, your washroom is more than just a space to go for some relief; it’s an extension of your business’s image. This means it needs to make an impression on visitors. This can be done by showing that you care about creating a pleasant experience for your customers and employees. The best way to do that is to stock your washroom with the right items.

There are several essential washroom appliances that will help your business operate more efficiently. We have gathered three of our best products that you should be investing in to keep your workplace clean and hygienic.

Hand Soaps & Sanitiser Dispensers

Hand soaps and dispensers are an important part of any business. They keep your customers clean and safe from harmful germs, and they also promote a healthy environment. This is why hotels, restaurants, and other businesses are starting to use them. Our Cleanpro soap dispensers are designed with practicality and hygiene in mind; our two main products include:

Manual Soap & Sanitiser Dispenser

The Manual Soap & Sanitiser Dispenser combines a next generation dispenser design with disposable and recyclable high-quality cartridges and pumps. It is proven to reduce bacterial growth by up to 99.99% and improves hygiene and safety for users. As with the Autosoap, each cartridge is fully recyclable and comes with a brand-new pump, ensuring consistent product delivery and lower maintenance requirements. The closed cartridge system also eliminates contamination.

Cleanpro Manual Soap Dispenser

Auto Soap & Sanitiser Dispenser

Auto touch-free dispensing is the most hygienic method of dispensing soap or sanitiser. The range of reliable automatic dispensers and cartridges has been developed to combine the best features of effective commercial soap and sanitiser dispensing. Each cartridge is fully recyclable and comes with a brand-new pump, ensuring consistent product delivery and lower maintenance requirements. The closed cartridge system also eliminates contamination.

Cleanpro Auto Soap & Sanitiser Dispenser

Without a doubt, hand sanitisers are a necessity when it comes to helping your business stay healthy and efficient. Through their efficient use, businesses can cut down on unnecessary expenses caused by sicknesses and illnesses-related absences from work.

Air Fresheners

The first thing people notice about a washroom is its smell. When a bad washroom creates the wrong first impression of your organisation, it’s time to freshen up. At Cleanpro, our air care services will help your staff and visitors breathe a little more easily. Some examples of our best products are:

Airoma Air Freshener Dispenser

Ensure your site smells clean and fresh with the MVP Airoma® automatic air freshener. This product automatically delivers bursts of fragrance at specific intervals in order to keep odours at bay. Airoma’s small particle technology means the fragrance stays airborne longer than other similar systems. The dispenser provides flexible and easy to use programming options and can be set specifically for your exact location conditions. Best of all, it gives you the option of having a high quality, natural pyrethrin refill to control flying insects in sensitive areas.

Cleanpro Airoma Air Freshener Dispenser

V-Air Air Freshener Dispenser

The V-Air® Solid is part of the MVP dispenser range. This dispenser is discreet and complementary to all interior surroundings, allowing for enhanced natural airflow. The V-Air®SOLID particles enable superior fragrance delivery yet are typically sized below 1.0 micron. This means they are much smaller and lighter than the particles in other fragrance systems, remaining airborne for many hours. This makes V-Air® Solid highly effective in areas where passive fragrancing is required.

Cleanpro V-Air Air Freshener Dispenser

Waste Solutions

It is in the best interest of your business to keep costs down, in terms of your time, money and effort. When your waste disposal needs are taken care of by one service provider, you can focus on other aspects of your business operations. That is why Cleanpro supplies a comprehensive range of professional-grade waste solutions for your business. A couple of our products include:

Wastecare Bin

Our Wastecare Bin combines style and function in one easy to use product.

It houses a roll of 25 replacement fragranced liners, known as multiliners, within the unit. The specially designed multiliner removal and replacement system ensures quick and easy servicing. The bin is wall-mounted for easy cleaning under and around the unit and features a chemical resistant chute which is removable for cleaning.

The design of the chute, with its compact aperture, influences the reduction of waste by encouraging users to ball used towels to fit. This means bins don't overflow and the liners last longer. The Wastecare Bin can be used in kitchens, offices, hallways, reception areas - anywhere that requires rubbish collection. The multiliner can also be used for lining small office bins.

Cleanpro Wastecare Bin

Femcare Sanitary Disposal System

The Femcare Sanitary Disposal Unit provides a discreet and trusted solution for the washroom and is available in touch-free or manual options to suit any budget. The unit has a slim profile for universal cubicle access and placement.

The Femcare unit uses fragranced, degradable Multiliners and a degradable cartridge system. In conjunction with the double-lined system, we use P-Maxpro, a natural, non-toxic antimicrobial sachet placed in the interior liner that helps to eliminate odour and bacteria through an advanced vapour action, killing 99.99% of bacteria found in and around the unit. Femcare treatment products are totally safe and biodegradable, providing the highest levels of efficacy both in terms of bacteria elimination and odour control.

Cleanpro Femcare Sanitary Disposal System

Providing a clean, pleasant and modern washroom is a positive reflection on your organisation and its values. Cleanpro Washroom Services include installation of dispensers, ongoing maintenance and refills. Reduce costly waste with convenient dispensing systems featuring portion controls, generous outputs per refill and greater economy.

To view other products of our extensive range, take a look at our website or contact us on 9336 6944 to know more!

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