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Types of Industrial Floor Mats and Their Benefits

Types of Industrial Floor Mats and Their Benefits

Industrial floor mats can be extremely beneficial for various types of industries. These mats help keep floors dry and clean, while also protecting your employees from slip & fall injuries. Keeping your floors clean is also a major consideration when you want to create a lasting impression for your business.

Read on to learn about the types of mats we offer at Cleantex and the benefits they will have for your business.

Ironhorse Mats

Over two-thirds of all moisture, dirt and grime that enters your premises is carried in by shoes. This not only makes cleaning an ever-ending expensive task, but accelerates the wear and tear on floor coverings, resulting in unsightly floors and costly repairs and maintenance.

Ironhorse are robust classic mats with excellent performance and dirt retention properties. They are designed to withstand the hardship of daily commercial use under a variety of conditions. The special nylon twist traps dirt and moisture deep within the pile, while the nitrile rubber backing provides stability. The perfect placement for Ironhorse mats includes inside building entrances, between office and production areas, passageways or high-traffic areas, lobbies or reception areas, and many more.

Standard mats are available in red, brown or grey, each with a subtle black fibre interwoven.


Ironhorse Mat

Anti Fatigue Mats

This innovative mat has unique cushion and ergonomic properties which reduce fatigue and noise. It is specially designed for safety, comfort and protection in areas where people stand for prolonged periods, such as production lines or in shops and bars.

Features & Benefits

  • Unique patented, raised surface design increases productivity and reduces discomfort.
  • Nitrile rubber mat pattern provides a non-skid, moisture resistant surface.

Often your staff can be on their feet all day, which can lead to fatigue, leg and back pain, and tiredness. The average worker can also lose 25% of their productivity when standing on hard surface flooring. That’s why Cleantex’s Anti-Fatigue mats are designed to provide your staff with a soft and comfortable barrier to reduce the symptoms of fatigue and help create a happier, more productive workplace.

Anti Fatigue Mat


Logo Floor Mats

Personalised logo mats are made specifically to incorporate your logo, marketing message or other company message. Having personalised floor mats for your business is also a great way to welcome your clients and make a positive first impression from your brand. They are available in various sizes and in a vast range of colours, so we will certainly be able to match your corporate identity. 


Give us a copy of your logo and we will provide sample artwork so that you can see how the mat will look before it is produced.

Our Logo Mats:

  • Keep floors cleaner and prevent floor damage
  • Promote your company
  • Present a clean image to your staff and customers
  • Provide tax deductible advantages

Logo Floor Mat

Safety Message Mats

Promote safety in your business with a safety-message mat. Staff need to be constantly reminded of your safety policies, so it becomes just as important to them. Having a safety message mat will ensure your workplace is kept safer and less prone to accidents.


At Cleantex, we can help relay the safety message of your company’s most important policies. Every week we will deliver a fresh new safety message mat to your business. With our five great designs, you will keep safety at the forefront in your workplace.

Our Safety Message Mats:

  • Clearly remind staff of workplace policies
  • Rotate to keep safety messages fresh
  • Help prevent slips and trips on slippery or moist surfaces
  • Collect dirt, dust and moisture
  • Protect your floors from wear and tear

Safety Message Mat

Cleantex's Full Service Floor Mat Program

Instead of purchasing floor mats for your business, why not invest in a rental program that will assure your floor mats are always kept up to standard? With our managed rental service, pay one fee and let us take care of all your needs, including cleaning, restocking, and delivery.

With Our Rental Program:

  • Dirty floor mats are picked up and a new freshly laundered mat is delivered in its place every week or every other week.
  • We dispose of the soil and dirt from the mats so you don’t have to
  • Floor mats are replaced when they wear out or get damaged
  • The laundering of the mats reinvigorates the nylon fibres, thereby acting as a “brush magnet” to trap dirt deep within the pile of the floor mat.
To know more about our rental floor mat services, call us on 9336 6944 or contact us through our website!
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