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How Often Should You Get Your Business Professionally Cleaned?

How Often Should You Get Your Business Professionally Cleaned?

This is a question that many business owners want to know the answer to. However, it’s hard to give a prompt response as it depends on two factors: the size of the business and the type of cleaning it requires. Performing small cleaning tasks everyday can certainly help keep your business tidy, but hiring a professional service is essential for making sure the workplace is completely hygienic. With the information below, you’ll be better equipped to know when you need to give your business a big polish!

What Cleaning Do I Need?

There are many types of cleaning services for which you can get outsourced professional help. Getting rid of dust, vacuuming, and cleaning the washrooms and kitchen area are some examples of tasks that should be done every day. Window cleaning can be done once a month, while carpets should be shampooed at least twice a year. If your business has hard floors, they should be deep cleaned at least once a year and tile floors twice a year. If you need help with particular services, this should determine how often you need to schedule a professional clean.

Size and Type of Industry

If your business is of a bigger size and receives high traffic from customers every day, it’s highly likely it will need a deep clean more often than usual. Industries such as schools, hospitality (restaurant, retail, etc) and medical facilities require a daily professional cleaning service due to government regulations. Meanwhile, businesses that are office-based might only require a deep clean once a week and minimal cleaning twice a week. Some places like large industrial factories might take a week to get all areas thoroughly cleaned, which is why having a big team of professional cleaners will make sure everything meets health and safety standards.

The appearance and hygiene of your business makes an impression about your company as a whole, and it is essential to the health of your staff and customers. At Cleanpro, our commercial cleaning program is customised to fit your needs when you need it. We are leaders in the commercial cleaning industry and will make sure your work environment is always up to standard.

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