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Most Common Household Pests In Australia

Most Common Household Pests In Australia

Having pests in your home can be harmful to your property and even your health. Knowing exactly what types of pests to keep an eye out for will help you feel prepared to deal with them. Most importantly, it will help you discern what kind of pest control services you will need.

We’ve listed the most common household pests in Australia so that you can be aware of each of them and not receive any unwelcome surprises!

1 - Cockroaches

If you’ve seen a cockroach scuttling around your floor, you bet there are many more of them following close by! Cockroaches are nocturnal and usually hide throughout the day in between cracks, dishwashers, ovens and most warm areas where food is available.

They contaminate food and other areas of your home with their droppings and skin sheds, even carrying diseases and causing harm to your health.
At Pestpro, we have professional products that, when administered in small doses in the right places, will get rid of any cockroach infestation!

2 - Spiders

Spiders are one of the most common pests in Australia and easily one of the most feared. Some species like the Redback and the White-Tailed Spider are dangerous to encounter, while Huntsmans are actually good to have around your home, as they are non-venomous and prey on other poisonous species and crawling insects.

Still, professional spider control is important for people who may suffer from Arachnophobia and also to control a larger infestation. Our technicians can provide you with advice on how to spot the early signs of infestation in order to quickly start an effective targeted treatment solution for your home.

3 - Termites

Did you know that Termites cause more damage to Australian properties each year than fire and flood combined?

Termites easily cause extensive damage to the structure of your home and can go undetected for years if there is no inspection schedule and it’s not properly monitored. Because of this, they can devalue your home and cost you thousands of dollars in repairs.

Our termite protection services conform to Australian standards and will make sure your property is kept safe from any current or future infestation.

4 - Ants

Ants are like cockroaches; once you spot one, be sure there are many more around. There are over 1000 types of ants found in Australia; the most common in Perth are the coastal brown ants and the white-footed house ants. Both can cause electrical shorts on appliances that could become a fire hazard.

Because ants love being around food, especially sweets, cleanliness is key when trying to avoid an infestation.  Be aware of any spills and keep your food safely stored in a tightly closed container. Spraying them won’t help either, as it only kills the ones on the surface but not those on the nest; it can even disrupt the effectiveness of professional treatment.

We use certified techniques that provide safe management of ant colonies whilst preventing their return.

5 - Fleas

If you spot small, red itchy dots around your feet and ankles, chances are you might be getting bitten by fleas. They are most commonly brought to your home by pets and then proceed to transfer to your carpet, furniture, bedding… and you!

Fleas survive on blood meals; that is while they usually attach to a host such as dogs, cats or humans. Their legs have a pair of claws that make it easier for them to cling to their host regardless of scratching.

Warm humid environments are their favourite place to be and they are usually more prominent in the warmer months. Cleanliness is also very important for flea control; floors should be regularly washed and carpets steam cleaned. Pay special attention to areas where your pets stay and make sure they are given a flea wash.

6 - Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are known for being one of the most annoying insects out there. Just when you think you got rid of them, they always seem to come back to give you another itchy bite. They are usually found close to water since they are attracted to moisture and dampness; they also normally bite during dawn or dusk when their internal clock says it is feeding time.

A good way to prevent mosquitoes in your home is having a fountain if you have a pond. Also, keep windows and doors closed and make sure to supply flyscreens.

7 - Rats and Mice

If you hear noises in the ceiling, behind walls or under the floor, you most likely have rats or mice in your home. Rodents are unsanitary and can spread disease. Most of all, they cause damage to you and your property by chewing on electrical cables and contaminating your food.

There are different ways to treat a rat or mice infestation; Pestpro will find the best source of bait for your particular problem and provide a long-lasting solution.

8 - Wasps and Bees

Being stung by a wasp or bee is a painful experience and can be life threatening to anyone who may be allergic to stings; that’s why effective bee removal is very important.

The best solution is to treat a bee or wasp nest earlier in the year, so that their numbers do not increase. The more numbers they have, the more aggressive they become. Call our team of professionals so they don’t cause you any harm.

9 - Bed Bugs

Just like fleas, bed bug bites cause redness, irritation and swelling. They are the world’s fastest growing problem pest, especially in Australia. Their rapid spread is usually due to traveller’s luggage, and they are known to be the globe’s “greatest hitchhikers” because of it.

Missing just one pregnant female bed bug can cause your home to be infested with over 1000 new eggs in only 3 months, so make sure you get treatment as soon as possible!

10 - Moths

Moths are most commonly associated as pantry pests, as they are usually found near ingredients that you store in your pantry like flour, grains, nuts and more. They spend most of their time living through that food source.

To make sure they don’t start an infestation, ensure there is no build-up of food materials in any corners of cupboards or under the furniture, and immediately dispose of any infested items.

Whatever pest problem you have in your home, Pestpro has got you covered! Call our expert team on 9336 6944 or contact us through our website.

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