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How To Prepare Your Office For Spring

How To Prepare Your Office For Spring

Spring is right around the corner and that means it’s time to prepare the office for the inevitable allergy season. Making sure your business is clean and ready for spring is essential for keeping your staff healthy throughout the coming months.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a few tips on things to do to get your space organised and hygienic.

Clean all surfaces

The best way to prevent the flu from spreading around your staff is to make sure all surfaces are wiped before and after use. This includes office desks, computer equipment, kitchen utensils, door handles, bathroom supplies, and any other objects that are commonly handled.

Organise your drawers and desk

With a busy workload, we tend to leave our desks and drawers a bit disorganised. A good way to start fresh in the new season is to take some time to organise all the paperwork and other items in your drawers and throw away anything you won’t need. Also, make sure your desk is tidy and only has essential items you use during the workday. This will not only be great for organisation, but it’s also conducive to productivity.

Replace your vents if needed

Air filters should be replaced every three months. Particularly before spring hits, it’s important to make sure your filters are checked, so that there are no traces of pollen or other types of dust that can cause allergies spread around the office.

Evaluate your waste

Being eco-friendly in the office is a great way to help reduce waste and be more conscious of the planet. At Cleantex, we offer recycling services that save you money on acquisition as well as meet your need to be more environmentally sensitive.

Laundering your dirty gloves, continuous hand towel and enviro wipes through a managed service allows you to invest in better products for your workers and provides a greater return on investment, as each product bought is reused several times instead of being thrown out after every use.

Make a list of supplies you will need

While you are performing a spring clean around the office, you may notice you are short on certain supplies. Make a list of the things you need to make sure they’re available once spring comes around. If you’re short on bathroom supplies, you can order quality washroom appliances with our team at Cleanpro and choose a safe tailored service to make sure you never run out.

While these tips will make your office ready to tackle the new season, hiring a professional cleaning service will make sure that your business is fully prepared for whatever comes your way during spring.

Our team at Cleanpro are professionals in the area, and they will leave your office spotless! Call us on 9336 6944 to find out more or head to our website to submit an enquiry today.

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