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Why Renting Workwear Could Be a Better Option For Your Business

Why Renting Workwear Could Be a Better Option For Your Business

A work environment is often not just about what you do, but the way that you present yourself to your customers. Workwear can play a huge part in maintaining professionalism and a good image for employees in front of their clients. While purchasing workwear is a popular option, it can also pose challenges with uniform maintenance and damage if incorrect cleaning processes are used. In this blog, we will discuss the benefits of
renting workwear and why it can be a better option for your business.

Benefits of Workwear Rentals


There are a number of benefits to renting work clothes as opposed to buying them. The first is that it can be much more affordable for your business, especially if you only need certain work uniforms or have employees who do not require numerous sets throughout the year. With our workwear rental services, you will also be saving on laundering, maintenance and replacement costs.


Another benefit of workwear rentals is that it’s more convenient! When workwear is rented, you do not need to worry about keeping up with storage or maintenance, as clothing will be returned clean and ready for use each time – eliminating hassles associated with owning work clothes.

Clean Uniform Delivery


Some work uniforms are required to be worn every work day, however there may also be a need for particular work clothes from time to time. With rental workwear, you have the flexibility of renting specific items when needed without having to purchase them outright; this is ideal if your business requires different clothing on certain days, such as protective workwear.

Branded Uniforms

Company name recognition is key to every business regardless of the industry. Personalised uniforms can boost your company's brand awareness by increasing the visibility of your company’s logo or emblem through uniformed staff and employees.

Our advanced emblem, embroidery, and other personalisation options in our rental program will keep your employees looking sharp and easily identifiable in your business’s branded logo apparel. Whether you choose emblems for uniforms, embroidered polo shirts or executive shirts, our corporate logo apparel provides you with the professional business image your company deserves.

Branded Uniforms

The Right Uniform For Your Industry

Work uniforms can vary greatly across many industries according to their specific needs. That is why our uniform programs are designed with your specific industry in mind, so you can rest assured that our workwear rentals will cater to all your uniform needs. We provide flexible and comprehensible workwear solutions for many industry sectors, including industrial, automotive, food processing, food & beverage and healthcare.

Renting workwear can be a more affordable and convenient option for your business. It is also an ideal choice if you are looking to try out work clothes before committing to buying them outright, or just need specific work uniforms on occasion. With our uniform program tailored to different industry needs, we provide businesses with the convenience they require.

Whether you prefer to rent or buy workwear, at Cleantex we are able to provide the right solution for your business. Learn more about our rental workwear program by calling 9336 6944 or contacting us through our website. Alternatively, take a look at our online uniform shop for high quality workwear and accessories that are right for your industry.

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